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Comprehensive Services

What we offer

Research & Development Tax Credits

Earn Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars In Tax Credits For Doing What You’re Already Doing.

Cost Segregation

Are You A Commercial Owner/ Investor Looking To Increase Cash Flow & Lower Your Tax Liability?

179D & 45L Energy Credits/ Deductions

Boost Your Savings: Tax Benefits for Energy-Efficient Properties, Residential or Commercial.

About us

Established in 1999, we operate as a nationwide service provider, specializing in aiding business owners with Research & Development Tax Credits, Cost Segregation Studies, 179D Energy Tax Deductions, 45L Energy Tax Credits, and other tax-saving strategies designed to minimize tax liability and enhance cash flow for our clients. With our expert in-house engineers and tax professionals, our clients can trust and rely on us to adeptly handle their tax-accounting needs. Over the years, CSG has steadily grown to provide reliable solutions to the challenges associated with navigating the complex terrain of America's tax laws for the businesses we support.

After reviewing my daily activities, CSG helped me obtain over $500,000 in Federal & State Research and Development Tax Credits
Robert M.

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